While academics are a priority at Covenant Academy and seen as a means of building character, Covenant Academy aims to develop a well-rounded student who finds enjoyment in other activities such as sports, music, and leadership, to name a few. These activities also provide opportunity for students to grow in godly character, mature physically and learn to work and serve with others.


At the very heart of Christian education is the staff’s desire for the spiritual growth and vitality of the student body. As a part of this mission, regular chapel programs will be provided that aim to spiritually challenge students. Covenant Academy has Chapel programs that are biblically sound, morally and spiritually edifying, and inspirational. Parents are welcome to attend our Chapel programs at any time.


Community Service opportunities are provided by Covenant Academy each semester. Ministries served include: Samaritan’s Purse, FBCPP, RCS, and the Veteran’s Home. Family service projects are encouraged and highlighted at monthly chapel programs.


Covenant Academy offers various clubs based on the interest and support of students. Clubs may be formed to enhance the academic interest or to provide extracurricular activities. Clubs will be formed when students express interest, are willing to provide guided leadership, and a faculty sponsor is available.



Student Government (SG) officers serve an important role in the life of Covenant Academy. Elected each Spring, the SG plans and executes student activities throughout the year. Candidates for SG submit a purpose statement as well as their Christian testimony. Students holding positions are held to a high standard for conduct and academics. The following criteria are required to run for office:

1. The completed application submitted within the allotted time frame
2. A minimum average rating of 4.0 (of a 5.0 scale) on teacher recommendations
3. A minimum of a 3.0 GPA
4. No more than two conduct slips
5. Re-enrolled at Covenant Academy for the next school year
6. Meets administrative approval
7. Failure to maintain these guidelines throughout the year will result in removal from leadership


Students develop leadership skills and grow in their responsibilities by serving on the worship team or helping with Chapel services.  A worship team may be formed by middle school students who meet the following criteria:
1. Active in local church
2. Recommendation from youth pastor
3. Complete worship team application
4. Approval of Covenant staff and Administrator
5. Musical talent and leadership abilities (tryouts will be conducted as needed)

Behavioral Eligibility for Activities
Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege for those students who uphold the Covenant Code of Conduct principles and behavior guidelines. If infractions of the Code of Conduct are shown by a student, the Administrator may declare a student ineligible to participate for a period of two (2) weeks or until there has been a significant improvement on the part of the student. Parents will be notified by telephone or in writing of such ineligibility.