Middle school students have five to six classes per day, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  All core classes are taught each year with electives rotating from year to year.

Core classes include: Math, Science, History (American and World History), English (writing, literature and grammar), and Bible.

Electives might include: Logic, Debate, PE, Geography, Reading Strategies, and Civics


Monday and Wednesday follow the same academic schedule with six periods.  Friday the schedule changes to a modified block with five periods, to allow more time for math and science lab.


A book list is provided for each class that details the required books, optional books, and family resources.  Books are chosen for content and relevance with an understanding that students’ worldview is influenced and shaped by what they listen to, watch and read. Covenant Academy has chosen R.O.C.K. Solid as our book vendor.  Parents should use the book list provided at registration when ordering to ensure that correct books are purchased.  A link to R.O.C.K. Solid can be found on the homepage.